a selected list of projects

escapement poster2

Escapement short film: audio mix, sound design

Ubi Bene front 1200x1200

Ubi Bene with Hans-Joachim Roedelius: music composition, audio mix, REVIEWS here

1 – “Superposition of two wave systems”, in “Water-Waves and Sound-Waves” by Joseph Norman Lockyer, 'Popular Science Monthly', Volume 13, June

superposition: composition

Minuet short film: audio mix, sound design

Ringnes: audio mix, sound design

Katim mobile phone: music composition, audio mix

Kilden Teater, Kristiansand

Anne Franks Søsken: music composition


Karen Foss Quiet Works: music composition

The Happenings, SKY TV, UKmusic composition, audio mix

Puma Sports (NB I am not into football!): music composition, audio mix, sound design

Mark Steiner And His Problems: bass, audio mix

Poteter Har Ingen Vinger: music composition, audio mix

NRK TV Aksjonen national charity telethon: music composition, audio mix


Discovery Channelmusic composition, audio mix

tv2 norge

Smeltende Arktis documentary TV2: music composition, audio mix

Radio 9: music composition, audio mix

whiteforest poster

The Whiteforest Hotel immersive theatre piecemusic composition, audio mix, sound design


DREmusic composition, audio mix

fishing for love P1040991

Fishing For Lovemusic composition, audio mix

Sporveibussenmusic composition, audio mix

 JJB6618 72DPI

Your Blue Oceanmusic composition, audio mix

Darkness-at-noon Storholmen Kramer

Darkness At Noonmusic composition, audio mix

Project Paperclip album: bass, effects: more info

Nor-Way busesmusic composition, audio mix