JUN / JUL / AUG 2013

• Radio 9 concert, June 1st, Musikkensdag, Oslo. Concert at Private Party later same evening. And maybe DJing too. busy day!

•set up Bandcamp site with commercial pieces http://leonmuraglia.bandcamp.com/

• 21-23 June: sound installation "Soundsprinkle" at Schiphorst Festival, Germany with FAUST. DJing, too! http://www.avantgardefestival.de/#home

• music for TS Productions, Stockholm https://vimeo.com/66631380

• DJing and performing at Party Paradise Festival, Sweden, details tbc.

•1-4 August: performing with Hans-Joachim Roedelius at More Ohr Less Festival, Lunz, Austria. http://www.more-ohr-less.at/

•1-4 August: DJing at More Ohr Less Festival, Austria. http://www.more-ohr-less.at/

• August music for National Trust UK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3KGyl07t3M

• 20 - 23 August: recording in Prague with Keith Levene