JAN / FEB 2013

•returned from a great recording session in Vienna with Hans-Joachim Roedelius: beginning mixing the album from those sessions

•my music used in a short film by Bjørn Engvig about the works of Olav Christopher Jenssen at the Henie Onstad centre, Oslo http://www.hok.no/olav-christopher-jenssen-works-on-paper.5146830-30477.html

•audio cleaning, ,sound design and audio mix for http://www.kilbeggandistillingcompany.com

•working on another theatre/sound installation with the amazing Laura Vallenes in Kristiansand in Jan 2013 

cancelled: http://www.fvn.no/kultur/Losning-pa-melstrid-i-Domkirka-2349360.html

and now back on!! http://www.stemmerettsjubileet.va.no/arrangement/kjaer-lighet-sorg-camilla-collett-forestilling-i-kristiansand-domkirke/

•rehearsing+gig with Radio 9: https://www.facebook.com/events/389539414460388/