Apr / May / Jun 2018

•recordrecordrecord for s u p e r p o s i t i o n album

1 – “Superposition of two wave systems”, in “Water-Waves and Sound-Waves” by Joseph Norman Lockyer, 'Popular Science Monthly', Volume 13, June

•sound design + audio mix for Agendafilm Norway

•some music (6 pieces), sound design + audio mix for these guys

• music + sound design for these guys

• some sound design for huge corporations via MCCGLC

• a bit of DJing, too: 

APRIL 28 2018

CAN - 'Future Days', boklansering & afterparty: 

Classic Album Sundays m/Rob Young


future days

• almost finished mixing some tracks with Ida Gylllensten

working on a track with Lærke Grøntved 


• mixing for Yobrepus

• playing a bit of bass with Mark Steiner And His Problems