Kosmische Club

It was Julian Cope's idea. "Someone should start a Krautrock club" he said. So we did. After a launch party in 1996 with Timothy Leary's best mate and original Cosmic Joker Brian Barritt, the Kosmische Club quickly established itself as a place to hear some of the most forward-thinking, truly independent and downright amazing music ever made. Cherished by the open-minded, loved by the chronically energetic, and only occasionally visited by old men with beards, the Kosmische club's remit slowly began to include the best danceable, experimental music, non-chin-strokey electronica, and classic underground tracks.

Since 2005 Kosmische Club has been based in Oslo, Norway, concentrating on DJing rather than concert promotion, with the occasional party in London and elsewhere.

bands who have played live include: Add N to (X), Couch (Germany), Damo Suzuki (from Can), Silver Apples, Stereolab DJs, Cul de Sac (USA), Circle (Finland), Chrome Hoof, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Jean-Herve Peron (Faust), Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom (DFA records USA), Shit & Shine, Ruins Alone (Japan), Brown Sierra, Mark's Epson 600 colour printer (because it sounded awesome when powered up), Nem (a krautrock Gamelan),Oh (Germany), V/VM, Cobra Killer (Germany), Charles Hayward (This Heat), Ommm (ADADAAT), Asja Auf Capri, Duracell, Sunburned Hand of the Man (USA), hush arbors (USA), Sunroof!, Miasmos/Somasim, Steeple Remove (France), Mutarotations (Robert Hampson, ex-Loop, Main), Roedelius (Kluster/Cluster), the NEU! EMI re-release launch party, the Can launch party (Sacrilege), Appliance, Tele:Funken, A-Musik, The Early Years, ISAN, Kling Klang, Lithops (Mouse on Mars, Germany), Echoboy, Kreidler (Germany), Murcof (Mexico), Karamasov, Now, Wauvenfold, Rothko, Radio 9, Op:l Bastards (Finland), Khan (featuring Kid Congo Powers), B. Fleischmann, Acid Mothers Temple(Japan), Hunting Lodge, Molotov art terrorists, DJs Barry 7 (Add N to (X)), Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), Woebot, Sacha Dieu, cylob (rephlex), Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream), Thomas Fehlmann+Alex Patterson (The Orb), Staubgold Records (Germany), Max Tundra, Cluster, Felix Kubin, Turn On (Stereolab), E-Da (Boredoms), Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses, Karamasov, Global Goon, Rothko, Sonic Boom (and Experimental Audio Research), The Vanity Set, Freeform, Radio 9, Prey, Op:l Bastards, Zukanican, Khan with Kid Congo Powers, B. Fleischmann, The Beale, Molotov Organisation, Sonic Catering Band, Shock Headed Peters, Amal Gamal Ensemble, Burning Idiot Noise, ISAN, Zaum, Hunting Lodge, Duracell, The Early Years, and so the list goes on...been the subject of documentaries on Channel 4, BBC and ZDF (German) TV, the 5-page article in the Face, 2 UK tours, Kosmische clubs in Oslo, Dublin, Brighton and Bristol, guest spots on XFM and Resonance FM and hosted some of the most debauched nights known to mankind.And there's probably a few we have forgotten, too - email us if your memory is better than ours.


Black Dog publications launches its guide to Krautrock. Contributors include Kosmische Kosmonauts Frances Morgan, Mink Pelican and Leo Avanti!


"Oh, fantastic"
the late, great John Peel, upon being given a Kosmische flyer

"Among the often banal skyline of club culture there lurks a towering edifice of the alternative, a monument to outré electronica. That place is Kosmische..."
The Big Issue

'A thoroughly wholesome mix of Krautrock, electronics and music from the future'
The Wire

"Kosmische is an established and enduring fixture of London's leftfield, presenting regular shows on Resonance FM and hosting Krautrock-style groups from all over the world." "At its heart, Krautrock was an organic, optimistic musical movement, bewitched by the possibilities of sound and how we could get closer and more at one with it. The awkwardly beautiful species of rock on display tonight suggests this genus is still alive, thriving and finding new hosts." Derek Walmsley, The Wire, sep 2006

"It's not often you'll hear us say 'you should get out more - to Highbury' but there you go, we're saying it now" Sleazenation

"It's a disco, but not as we know it"
Time Out

"The excellent Kosmische continues to push back the boundaries of left-field strangeness"
Time Out

"...the best night out I've had in ages..."
Barry 7, Add N to (X)/Prey

"Boss club, man"
Mani, Primal Scream

"North London's long-standing leftfield and Krautrock disco, and arguably the only place you'll se people dancing to Plastikman, Bowie and Capitol K in the same hour. Which isn't easy, believe you me. DJs on the weird-beat are Rephlex's Cylob, Scott Chegg, Jim Backhaus, Mink Pelican and, playing live for the first time, ISAN".
Sleazenation, may 2002

They've seen Spice Girls come and go, watched the rise and fall of electroclash and outlasted four England managers, all the while keeping faith with the hypnotic angular grooves as championed by the likes of Can and Neu! and steadily building a reputation as one of London's best little clubs...psyched-out films, rarely seen Krautrock videos and other phantasmagorically out-there visual selections to keep all parts of your brain on interstellar overdrive for the night.

Kultureflash, july 2006

"I'm floored by the tracks you're playing on Resonance FM right now. Every tracks has been a jaw-dropper. What a goddamn revelation! I don't know any of these tracks but feel like they've been in my blood all my life. Outstanding show."
Hasni Malik

"what kind of music is this?"
Lauren Laverne at Kosmische club

There's a theory amongst physicists that our universe is but one of many, each of them similar but different various ways. For example, in theory, there's a universe out there where David Bowie stayed in Berlin, Kraftwerk stole the show at Live Aid, and the Minogue sisters formed a psychedelic commune in Sydney experimenting with angular Teutonic rhythms. Sadly that's not our universe, but fortunately we have the next best thing, Kosmische.

Kultureflash, July 2005

"Simultaneously kinetic and cinematic, Krautrock is one of the golden phases in a continuum that runs through rock history: the textured groove-scape.”

"Listeners are turning to Krautrock, not as a nostalgia-inducing memento of some wilder, more daring age they never lived through, but as a treasure trove of hints and clues as to what can be done right here, right now. Krautrock isn't history, but a living testament that there's still so far to go."
Simon Reynolds, Modulations


•Leo Avanti! is a producer, composer, DJ and musician who lives in Oslo with a collection of synthesizers. His DJ sets are a futuristic excursion down the autobahn, past krautrock, electronica, neue deutsche welle, fizzy synthpop and some random B-roads

•Jim Backhaus DJ Jim Backhaus has been shoring up the depths of the post-kraut underground at the Kosmische Club since the mid 1990s, from kosmische music to underground NDW to the mysterious 'motorik'. He has been described by The Wire, no less, as "a vital presence as a live and radio DJ for more than a decade". Backhaus also makes and occasionally releases music under the name Xylitol,
which has been compared to "Der Plan if they came from Sheffield and made music for school science programmes" (Beyond The Implode RIP) which is the highest accolade he can humanly imagine.

•Tango Mango explores the furthest reaches of the musical Kosmische Kosmos, ignoring boundaries of time, space and genre in an hour-long mix of sounds for outer and inner space


Marcelo Madrid was born in a Guatemalan orphanage. They were hard times but he eventually clawed his way out and moved to Cuba where he started DJ'ing hot Lounge muzik for all the hip cats. However the Castro regime deemed it too subversive, so he had to be smuggled over to Chile along with an illegal consignment of cotton buds. It was in Chile that Marcelo Madrid found his niche; slicked back hair and badly made cocktails were all the rage and he soon became the toast of Santiago.

It was during his stint at the infamous Chingada club that he was exposed to Krautrock, Avant-Retard, Psychedelia and Muzik by bands such as The Residents, You've got Foetus on your breath, Faust, and The Monks. This forced yet another move, to London, where he spent what could have been a lifetime busking for small change playing a Kazoo and spoons.
It was during this vexing period that he met Carlos Slazenger, a Horror Rock 'n' Roll afficionado that frequented the Kosmische Klub; a place for Krautniks and Post-Punkers. Carlos could see elements of systemic muzik in Madrid's mastery of the spoons and thought that the Kosmische Klub would be the right place for Marcelo's unique talents. Unfortunately the Leader of Kosmische was a fearsome and distrustful character, and it took Marcelo a long time to work his way into the Kosmische ranks. Many initiation ceremonies involving egg and spoon racing, taco cook offs, and early '80's style robot dancing ensued; and eventually he was one of them, a Kosmonaut. The rest, as they say, is history.

His first set at the club was December 2001 with the elusive Carlos Slazenger, and his first set on resonance fm was in July 2002. If only there had been less of the Kosmische DJ's on rotation, then he would really have gotten the hang of the radio thang.

The Kosmische Klub is now somehow confined to Norway, leaving Marcelo to pursue his own path. The destination is, as of yet, unknown.

In the meantime, Marcelo Madrid can be found performing daredevil acts such as wearing loose fitting jeans and adidas trainers in London's east end, and refusing to wear a scarf in summertime.

•Frances May Morgan, The Wire magazine editor, ex-Plan B magazine publisher and half of Morgan und Nite, takes us into the deepest corners of her record collection

•Kosmische kosmonaut Pete Woodhead takes to the controls for another journey deep into sounds transmitted from the far side of the musical galaxy

•Barry 7 and Godsey Cherrystones blast through a wild romp through electronic gems, kraut rarities and new bands who are keeping the flame alive...

•Mink Pelican (aka Mark Pilkington) is a writer, publisher and musician. He runs Strange Attractor Press and performs as part of Disinformation and Oort, and has collaborated with Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Urthona, High Mountain Tempel and others. info at www.strangeattractor.co.uk